We Are The New American Luxury

DIALLO is a luxury streetwear brand reimagining American fashion through a modern take to on classic silhouettes. Founded by Tyrod Taylor and Dex Robinson, DIALLO fuses craftsmanship with a functional sensibility. Progressive design is essential to DIALLO's core ethos and continues to be the driving force to our overall approach.

Created to fill a void in the luxury fashion space, Tyrod and Dex sought to leverage their 10 year experience in creating disruptive off the field looks to develop a more intentional and thoughtful take on menswear. Dex, a creative visionary with an eye for design and Tyrod, an NFL quarterback with an appreciation for fashion have a shared commitment to pushing the boundaries.

Today, DIALLO is the capstone of Tyrod and Dex's creative vision. It embodies their dedication to celebrating individuality, embracing a fresh perspective and cultivating the next generation of athletes and fashion enthusiasts.
We are the New American Luxury, DIALLO is a lifestyle.



We believe in the power of creativity to inspire and shape the world. We encourage and celebrate creative expression in all its forms, from fashion to art to music.


We are committed to crafting high-quality, well-designed products that stand the test of time. We use the finest materials and pay close attention to every detail to ensure that our products are both stylish and functional.


We are at the forefront of what's new and next. We push the boundaries of design by discovering unique textiles, advanced construction techniques and modern fit.